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The new Safe-Play feature of FCL allows its users to create their teams even after the playing team for a respective match has been announced. This Safe-Play feature makes the game a lot more exciting by increasing the users’ chances of becoming a winner. However, the users playing under the Safe-Play game format are supposed to abide by certain Terms & Conditions that regulate the Safe-Play format.

Terms & Conditions for Safe-Play
Regular Play and Safe-Play are two different game formats offered to the users on the FCL platform. The matches under the Regular Play format close at least 1-hour before the start of the live match. On the other hand, the matches under the Safe-Play format close right before the start of the live match is bowled or played.

Despite, Safe-Play & Regular Play being 2 different game formats offered on the FCL platform, the point system for both the games will remain the same.

The matches under the Safe-Play game format close right before the first ball of the game is bowled or played.

The deadline for Safe-Play depends on the first ball of the game being bowled or played for cricket and right before the starting of the game for other sports. Thus, in compliance to the beginning of the game, the deadline for Safe-Play matches on FCL can either be extended or preponed. So, it is advised to ensure that you save your created teams and also save any changes you make before the match starts.

The data for the live matches is collected either from official sources or our experts. However, this does not ensure that the Safe-Play playing team is 100% confirm. It can be changed or updated anytime, in such rare scenarios or special conditions. FCL does not take ownership in such matters as these are in-game changes and would be unannounced before the start of the game.

As soon as the playing team for any Safe-Play match is received from our official sources, a green dot right before the player name is reflected on the Create Team page, to highlight the player is included in the Playing Team for the match.

In case, there is any mistake in the updating of playing 11 of the Safe-Play matches due to loopholes on the end of official data providers, no contest entry amount will be refunded. You are advised to cross-check the playing 11 on different official platforms for confirmation.

It often happens that the playing 11 is not announced right before the start of the live match. This highlights that there is no surety that you will receive updates regarding playing 11 before the start of the official match. However, there are 1 in 100 chances for such happenings to occur & most of the time playing 11 is announced well-before the start of the live match. So, it is always advised that users should also stay updated on their front and do the research about the starting line-up of any match in any sport.

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